New event in the planning

"Get your Flea fix on 96"
We will be starting a new community event July 8th & 9th with the help of many local homeowners and businesses that are on Route 96 from Owego to Ithaca. We are planning on an indoor/outdoor flea market here at Bostwick's and many business along the route all the way towards Ithaca. If you have a friend on 96 or live on 96 maybe you want to do a yard sale. 

  Some fun auction history :)

* Auctions Are The Oldest Profession ... Not what you were thinking?  :) ... According to The National Auctioneers Association, auctions date back in history so far that no one knows exactly how they got started or who started them. Records from ancient Greek scribes date auctions as far back as 500 B.C. I'm sorry to say, even women or daughters, were auctioned off. 

* Candles were used in the 1700s at auctions to declare the winner. If you were the high bidder at the time when the candle extinguished itself, you won the auction .. Glad that's in the past :) 

* America’s first president, George Washington, was an avid auction buyer 

* During the Civil War, goods seized by armies were sold by the colonel, hence the auctioneer's unofficial title of "colonel".

Watch for more fun facts to come :) 

Indoor Winter Flea Market on the 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month from 8am until 2pm with vendors selling old and new items ….

While here enjoy a hearty breakfast or lunch at “Kim’s auction house diner” (Diner opens @ 7:45am).  Call to be a vendor or visit to buy some good junQue

Kim's Diner in the Auction house hours
Monday-Friday 7am-2pm Breakfast & Lunch
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